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What Is The Name Of A Priest Collar?

Why does a Catholic priest wear a collar? Oct. 3 (Wednesday Wisdom
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What is the Name of a Priest Collar?


A priest collar, also known as a clergy collar or clerical collar, is a distinctive piece of clothing worn by members of the clergy. It is a symbol of their religious vocation and serves as a visual identifier of their role within the community.

History of the Priest Collar

The origins of the priest collar can be traced back to the 19th century. It was introduced as a practical solution to address the discomfort caused by the traditional ruff worn by clergymen. The collar was designed to be detachable, allowing for easy cleaning and replacement.

The Roman Collar

The most common type of priest collar is the Roman collar. It consists of a white band that encircles the neck and a detachable tab that extends down the front of the shirt. The tab is usually black, but it can also be white or other colors depending on the denomination or personal preference of the clergy.

The Band Collar

Another type of priest collar is the band collar. Unlike the Roman collar, the band collar does not have a detachable tab. Instead, it is a solid white band that encircles the neck. This type of collar is often worn by clergy members who prefer a more minimalistic and modern look.

Significance and Symbolism

The priest collar holds great significance within the clergy and signifies their commitment to their religious calling. It serves as a reminder of their role as spiritual leaders and their dedication to serving their communities. The collar also acts as a symbol of their authority and represents their connection to God.

Variations Across Denominations

While the Roman collar is the most widely recognized type of priest collar, there are variations in its design and usage across different denominations. Some denominations may have specific guidelines regarding the color, shape, and size of the collar, while others may allow more flexibility in its appearance.

Anglican and Catholic Collars

In the Anglican and Catholic traditions, the priest collar is typically white and worn with a black shirt. It is seen as a sign of humility and purity. The collar worn by bishops and archbishops may have additional embellishments, such as a purple or red stripe, to signify their higher rank within the clergy.

Protestant Collars

In Protestant denominations, the design of the priest collar may vary. Some clergy members may choose to wear a band collar without the detachable tab, while others may opt for a Roman collar. The color of the collar can also differ, ranging from black to white or even colored variations.


The name of a priest collar can vary depending on the denomination and personal preference of the clergy. The most common terms used are “priest collar,” “clergy collar,” or “clerical collar.” Regardless of the name, this distinctive piece of clothing holds great significance and symbolizes the commitment and authority of clergy members in their religious vocation.