World Cup 2006 Bracket

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World Cup 2006 Bracket


The 2006 FIFA World Cup was held in Germany, captivating football fans from around the world. This prestigious tournament showcased the finest football talent and saw teams battle it out for the ultimate prize. One of the key aspects of any World Cup is the bracket, which outlines the path teams need to take to reach the final and become champions. In this article, we will delve into the details of the World Cup 2006 bracket and relive the excitement of this memorable tournament.

Group Stage

The World Cup 2006 bracket began with the group stage, consisting of 32 teams divided into eight groups. Each group contained four teams, and they played against each other in a round-robin format. The top two teams from each group advanced to the knockout stage, while the bottom two were eliminated. This stage witnessed thrilling matches and surprising upsets as teams fought for a spot in the next round.

Knockout Stage

Round of 16

After the conclusion of the group stage, the knockout stage commenced with the round of 16. This stage pitted the top two teams from each group against each other. The winners advanced to the quarterfinals, while the losers were eliminated. Some notable matches in this stage included England vs. Ecuador, Brazil vs. Ghana, and Italy vs. Australia.


The quarterfinals brought together the eight remaining teams in the tournament. The matches intensified as the stakes grew higher. Teams such as Germany, Argentina, and Portugal showcased their skills and determination, hoping to secure a place in the semifinals.


In the semifinals, the four remaining teams battled it out for a spot in the final. The matches were fiercely contested, with both individual brilliance and team strategies on full display. Germany faced Italy, while France clashed with Portugal. These matches provided unforgettable moments and set the stage for an epic final.


The World Cup 2006 final was held in the Olympiastadion in Berlin. Italy and France, two football powerhouses, faced off in a thrilling encounter. The match ended in a 1-1 draw after extra time, leading to a penalty shootout. Italy emerged victorious, winning the shootout 5-3 and claiming their fourth World Cup title.


The World Cup 2006 bracket provided football fans with unforgettable moments, dramatic matches, and surprises. It showcased the talent and skill of teams from around the world. Italy’s triumph in the final will forever be etched in the history of the tournament. The bracket served as a roadmap for teams to navigate their way to the final and become champions. It was a journey filled with passion, determination, and the pursuit of glory.