Where To Use Bottle Caps In Pokemon Scarlet

How to Hyper Train Your Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Prima Games
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Where to Use Bottle Caps in Pokemon Scarlet


In the latest installment of the popular Pokemon series, Pokemon Scarlet, bottle caps are a valuable resource that can greatly enhance your Pokemon’s stats. These bottle caps are used to hyper train your Pokemon, allowing you to maximize their individual strengths and improve their overall performance in battles. In this article, we will explore various locations in the game where you can utilize bottle caps to their fullest potential.

Pokemon Centers

The most common and accessible place to use bottle caps in Pokemon Scarlet is at any Pokemon Center. Inside the Pokemon Center, you will find a friendly NPC who offers to hyper train your Pokemon using bottle caps. Simply speak to this character and choose the Pokemon you wish to enhance. By using a bottle cap, you can increase one of your Pokemon’s individual stats to its maximum value. This is particularly useful for competitive battling, where having optimal stats can make a significant difference in the outcome of a battle.

Battle Facilities

If you’re looking to challenge yourself and test the strength of your team, the various battle facilities in Pokemon Scarlet are excellent places to use bottle caps. These facilities, such as the Battle Tower or Battle Frontier, offer challenging battles against powerful opponents. By using bottle caps to hyper train your Pokemon, you can ensure that they are at their peak performance and have a better chance of success in these high-stakes battles.

Elite Four Rematches

After defeating the Elite Four and becoming the Champion, you unlock the ability to rematch them at higher difficulty levels. These rematches offer tougher battles and increased rewards. By utilizing bottle caps on your Pokemon before these rematches, you can give yourself a significant advantage and increase your chances of emerging victorious. Make sure to stock up on bottle caps before challenging the Elite Four again!

Online Battles

If you enjoy battling other trainers online, using bottle caps is crucial to stay competitive. In Pokemon Scarlet, there are various online battle modes and tournaments where you can test your skills against players from around the world. By hyper training your Pokemon with bottle caps, you can ensure that they are on par with other highly trained Pokemon, increasing your chances of victory in these intense online battles.

Legendary Pokemon Encounters

Pokemon Scarlet features a wide array of legendary Pokemon that can be encountered and caught throughout your journey. These legendary Pokemon are often powerful and have unique abilities. To maximize their potential, it is recommended to use bottle caps on them. By hyper training their stats, you can make these already formidable Pokemon even stronger. So, don’t forget to use bottle caps on your legendary catches!


Bottle caps are a valuable resource in Pokemon Scarlet that can greatly enhance your Pokemon’s stats. Whether you’re battling in the various battle facilities, challenging the Elite Four, competing in online battles, or capturing legendary Pokemon, using bottle caps is essential to maximize your team’s potential. Make sure to visit Pokemon Centers, stock up on bottle caps, and invest in hyper training your Pokemon to ensure victory in your Pokemon Scarlet journey!