Where To Get Golden Bottle Caps Scarlet

How to Get Bottle Caps in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
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In the world of Pokémon, Golden Bottle Caps are highly sought after due to their ability to maximize a Pokémon’s Individual Values (IVs). These rare items can greatly enhance a Pokémon’s stats, making them formidable in battles. In this article, we will explore various ways to obtain Golden Bottle Caps in the game Scarlet.

1. Battle Tower

The Battle Tower in Scarlet is a challenging facility where trainers can test their skills against powerful opponents. By reaching higher ranks in the Battle Tower, you can earn Golden Bottle Caps as rewards. Be prepared for tough battles and strategic thinking to climb the ranks and claim your prize.

2. Max Raid Battles

Participating in Max Raid Battles is another way to acquire Golden Bottle Caps. These cooperative battles against powerful Dynamax or Gigantamax Pokémon offer a chance to obtain rare items, including Golden Bottle Caps. Look out for Max Raid Battles with higher difficulty ratings for better chances of obtaining these valuable items.

3. Lottery Corner

Scarlet’s Lottery Corner is a daily event where trainers can try their luck to win various prizes, including Golden Bottle Caps. Visit the Lottery Corner each day and purchase a ticket for a chance to win the coveted Golden Bottle Caps.

4. Pokémon Contests

Showcasing your Pokémon’s beauty, cuteness, coolness, or toughness in Pokémon Contests can also lead to obtaining Golden Bottle Caps. By achieving high scores and winning contests, you may earn these valuable items as rewards for your exceptional performance.

5. Battle Frontier

The Battle Frontier is a challenging post-game facility where trainers can test their skills in various battle formats. By completing different challenges and winning battles, you can earn Battle Points (BP), which can be exchanged for Golden Bottle Caps at the Battle Frontier’s prize shop.

6. Trading with Other Trainers

Trainers in Scarlet may have extra Golden Bottle Caps that they are willing to trade. Connect with other trainers through online forums, social media groups, or in-game trading systems to negotiate trades and acquire Golden Bottle Caps from fellow trainers.

7. Hidden Grottos

Exploring the depths of Scarlet’s Hidden Grottos can yield valuable treasures, including Golden Bottle Caps. These hidden areas are scattered throughout the region, so be sure to thoroughly explore each location and interact with any suspicious-looking trees or rocks to discover the hidden grottos.

8. Daily Events and Special Promotions

Keep an eye on daily in-game events and special promotions. Game developers often introduce limited-time events where trainers can earn rare items, such as Golden Bottle Caps. Stay updated with the game’s official announcements and participate in these events to maximize your chances of obtaining Golden Bottle Caps.

9. Battle against Legendary Pokémon

Legendary Pokémon often drop valuable items upon defeat. Seek out and challenge these powerful creatures to increase your chances of obtaining Golden Bottle Caps. Prepare a strong team and devise a strategy to overcome these legendary opponents and claim their rewards.

10. Online Trading Platforms

Lastly, online trading platforms dedicated to Pokémon games provide opportunities to acquire rare items, including Golden Bottle Caps. Explore these platforms and engage with other trainers to negotiate trades and potentially obtain the coveted Golden Bottle Caps.


While obtaining Golden Bottle Caps in Pokémon Scarlet may require effort and strategy, the rewards they offer in enhancing a Pokémon’s stats are well worth it. Utilize the various methods mentioned in this article to increase your chances of obtaining these rare items and strengthen your team to become a formidable Pokémon trainer.