What To Put In A 9 Month Old Easter Basket – 2023

Easter Basket for my 9 month old Son. Basket is filled with the
Easter Basket for my 9 month old Son. Basket is filled with the from www.pinterest.co.uk

What to Put in a 9 Month Old Easter Basket – 2023


Easter is a wonderful time to celebrate with family and friends, and even though your little one might not fully understand the holiday just yet, it’s still fun to include them in the festivities. If you have a 9-month-old, you may be wondering what to put in their Easter basket to make it special. Here are some ideas to help you create the perfect Easter basket for your little one.

1. Soft Toys

Soft toys make a great addition to a 9-month-old’s Easter basket. Look for plush animals or characters that are soft and safe for your baby to play with. These toys can provide comfort and sensory stimulation for your little one.

2. Board Books

Board books are perfect for little hands and can introduce your 9-month-old to the joy of reading. Look for books with bright colors and simple illustrations that are engaging for babies. You can even find Easter-themed board books that can be a fun addition to their collection.

3. Teething Toys

Teething can be a challenging time for babies, so including teething toys in the Easter basket can be a practical yet thoughtful choice. Look for toys that are safe for your baby to chew on and provide relief for their sore gums.

4. Baby Snacks

If your 9-month-old has started solids, including some baby snacks in their Easter basket can be a tasty surprise. Look for age-appropriate snacks that are easy for your baby to handle and are made with wholesome ingredients.

5. Sippy Cup

A sippy cup is a useful item to include in your 9-month-old’s Easter basket. It can help them transition from bottle feeding to drinking from a cup and encourage their independence. Look for cups that are easy for your baby to hold and have spill-proof features.

6. Baby Clothes

Spring is the perfect time to update your baby’s wardrobe, so why not include some cute Easter-themed outfits in their basket? Look for soft and comfortable clothes that are suitable for the season.

7. Baby Care Products

Include some baby care products in the Easter basket, such as gentle shampoos, lotions, or baby wipes. These practical items can be useful for everyday care and can also be a thoughtful addition to the basket.

8. Musical Toys

Music can be a great source of entertainment and sensory development for babies. Including musical toys, such as rattles or mini keyboards, in the Easter basket can be a fun way to introduce your 9-month-old to different sounds and rhythms.

9. Personalized Gifts

Add a personal touch to your 9-month-old’s Easter basket by including personalized items, such as a monogrammed blanket or a customized onesie. These special gifts can be cherished and can make the basket even more memorable.

10. Baby Accessories

Lastly, consider adding some baby accessories to the Easter basket. Items like bibs, socks, or a sun hat can be practical and stylish additions that can be used every day.


Creating an Easter basket for your 9-month-old can be a fun and exciting experience. By including a variety of age-appropriate toys, books, snacks, and practical items, you can make the basket both enjoyable and useful for your little one. Remember to consider their interests and developmental stage when choosing the items, and have a wonderful Easter celebration with your family!