Tricky Doors Walkthrough On The Floating Island: A Guide For 2023

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The highly anticipated game, Tricky Doors, has taken the gaming world by storm with its mind-bending puzzles and captivating storyline. One of the most challenging levels in the game is the Floating Island, where players must navigate through a series of tricky doors to progress. In this article, we will provide a detailed walkthrough of the Floating Island level, helping you overcome its obstacles and advance further in the game.

Understanding the Floating Island Level

The Floating Island level is set in a mystical realm where gravity seems to have lost its hold. As you explore the island, you will come across a series of doors that require specific actions to open. These doors are not as straightforward as they may seem, and figuring out the right approach can be quite perplexing. However, with our walkthrough, you will be able to conquer the Floating Island with ease.

Door 1: The Weighted Pressure Plate

The first door you encounter on the Floating Island is triggered by a weighted pressure plate. To open this door, you need to find a heavy object nearby and place it on the plate. Look for rocks or other items that can be moved and interact with them to pick them up. Once the plate is activated, the door will open, allowing you to proceed.

Door 2: The Color Sequence

As you move further into the Floating Island, you will stumble upon a door with a series of colored symbols. This door requires you to replicate a specific sequence of colors to unlock it. Take note of the symbols and their corresponding colors nearby, and then interact with the door to enter the sequence correctly. Making a mistake will reset the sequence, so pay close attention and try again until you succeed.

Door 3: The Reflection Puzzle

The third door on the Floating Island presents a reflection puzzle. You will need to manipulate mirrors scattered around the area to redirect a beam of light onto the door’s sensor. Rotate the mirrors by interacting with them and observe how the light changes its direction. Align the mirrors strategically to guide the beam towards the sensor, and once the door detects the light, it will unlock.

Advanced Tips for the Floating Island

While the above walkthrough covers the basics of the Floating Island level, here are some advanced tips to enhance your gameplay:

Tip 1: Explore Thoroughly

Don’t rush through the Floating Island. Take your time to explore every nook and cranny, as hidden clues and objects might be crucial for solving the doors’ puzzles.

Tip 2: Take Notes

Keep a notepad or use the in-game note feature to jot down any important information you come across. This will help you remember sequences, colors, and other details that may be required later in the level.

Tip 3: Experiment and Observe

Some doors on the Floating Island require trial and error. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different approaches and observe how the environment reacts. This can often lead to unexpected solutions.

With this comprehensive walkthrough and advanced tips, you are now equipped to navigate the Floating Island level in Tricky Doors confidently. Good luck, and may your puzzle-solving skills prevail!