Sancho Breaks The Chair, The Couch, The Door

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In the year 2023, Sancho, the mischievous and energetic pup, has been causing quite a ruckus in the house. His latest escapades involve breaking various furniture items, including the chair, the couch, and even the door! Let’s delve into these incidents and find out what led to Sancho’s destructive behavior.

The Chair Debacle:

One sunny afternoon, Sancho spotted a ball rolling near the living room chair. Unable to resist the temptation, he pounced on it, inadvertently crashing into the chair. The impact was enough to break one of its legs, leaving it wobbly and unstable. Sancho’s playful nature had gotten the better of him once again.

The Couch Catastrophe:

Sancho’s next target was the beloved couch, where he often enjoyed lounging with his family. While chasing his tail, he accidentally knocked over a glass of water, causing a mini flood. The moisture seeped into the couch, damaging its upholstery beyond repair. Sancho’s innocent playfulness had transformed into a costly accident.

The Door Dilemma:

Sancho’s misadventures didn’t stop at furniture destruction. One day, while eagerly greeting the mailman, he pushed the front door with all his might, causing the latch to break. The door swung open uncontrollably, leaving Sancho standing victorious, but the household in need of repairs. Sancho’s exuberance had triumphed over the strength of the door.

Tips to Prevent Future Mishaps:

1. Puppy-proof the house: Just like childproofing, it’s essential to remove or secure any items that can be easily damaged or pose a danger to your pup.

2. Provide appropriate toys: Sancho’s destructive behavior could be a sign of boredom. Ensure he has plenty of chew toys and interactive puzzles to keep him entertained.

3. Training and redirection: Invest time in training Sancho to understand basic commands like “leave it” and “no.” Redirect his energy towards appropriate play and reward good behavior.

4. Supervision and confinement: If you can’t keep an eye on Sancho at all times, consider using baby gates or crates to confine him to a safe area when you’re unable to supervise.

5. Exercise and mental stimulation: A tired pup is a well-behaved pup. Regular exercise and mental stimulation through walks, playdates, or puzzle toys can help channel Sancho’s energy in a positive way.


Sancho’s mischievous adventures in breaking the chair, the couch, and the door serve as a reminder of the importance of puppy-proofing, training, and providing appropriate outlets for a pup’s energy. By following these tips, you can ensure a harmonious and furniture-intact home while still enjoying the playful antics of your furry friend, Sancho.