Ruger Pc Charger Barrel Length

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Ruger PC Charger Barrel Length – 2023 News, Tips, Reviews, and Tutorials


The Ruger PC Charger is a popular firearm among shooting enthusiasts. One of the key features that users often consider when purchasing this firearm is the barrel length. In this article, we will discuss the different barrel length options available for the Ruger PC Charger and how they can impact your shooting experience.

Standard Barrel Length

The standard barrel length for the Ruger PC Charger is 6.5 inches. This length strikes a balance between maneuverability and accuracy, making it suitable for various shooting applications. The shorter barrel allows for easy handling, especially in tight spaces, while still providing sufficient velocity for effective shooting.

Benefits of the Standard Barrel Length

The 6.5-inch barrel length offers several advantages. Firstly, it allows for enhanced maneuverability, making it easier to navigate through obstacles or tight corners. Additionally, the shorter barrel length reduces the overall weight of the firearm, making it more comfortable to carry for extended periods.

Considerations for the Standard Barrel Length

While the standard 6.5-inch barrel length is versatile, it may sacrifice some accuracy and muzzle velocity compared to longer barrel options. If long-range precision shooting is your primary focus, you might want to consider a longer barrel length for improved performance.

Extended Barrel Length

For shooters who prioritize accuracy and increased muzzle velocity, Ruger offers an extended barrel length option for the PC Charger. The extended barrel measures 9.5 inches, providing additional stability and improved bullet trajectory.

Advantages of the Extended Barrel Length

The longer 9.5-inch barrel offers improved accuracy over longer distances. The increased barrel length allows for better bullet stabilization, resulting in tighter groupings and enhanced precision. Additionally, the extended barrel length provides a higher muzzle velocity, which can be beneficial for shooting at longer ranges or when using certain types of ammunition.

Considerations for the Extended Barrel Length

While the extended barrel length offers advantages in accuracy and muzzle velocity, it does come with some trade-offs. The longer barrel can make the firearm slightly more cumbersome to handle, especially in close quarters. Additionally, the increased length may make it harder to conceal or carry discreetly.

Choosing the Right Barrel Length for You

Ultimately, the choice between the standard 6.5-inch barrel and the extended 9.5-inch barrel depends on your shooting preferences and intended use for the Ruger PC Charger. Consider factors such as maneuverability, accuracy requirements, and shooting distance to determine the most suitable barrel length for your needs.


The barrel length of the Ruger PC Charger is an important consideration when purchasing this firearm. Whether you opt for the standard 6.5-inch barrel or the extended 9.5-inch barrel, each option offers distinct advantages and considerations. Carefully evaluate your shooting requirements to make an informed decision and ensure an optimal shooting experience with the Ruger PC Charger.