Laundry Basket 24 Hour Laundromat: Your Savior For Quick And Convenient Laundry Services

24 Hour Laundromat Coralville, Iowa 204 1st Ave. Spin City Laundry
24 Hour Laundromat Coralville, Iowa 204 1st Ave. Spin City Laundry from

Laundry is an essential chore that everyone has to deal with. However, finding the time to do laundry can be a challenge, especially for those with busy schedules. Thankfully, the Laundry Basket 24 Hour Laundromat is here to save the day. This state-of-the-art facility offers a wide range of services and amenities to make your laundry experience a breeze.

Convenient Location and Extended Hours

Located in the heart of the city, the Laundry Basket 24 Hour Laundromat is easily accessible to everyone. Whether you live nearby or are just passing through, you can count on this laundromat to meet your laundry needs. The best part? It operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No matter how hectic your schedule may be, you can always find time to do your laundry at a time that suits you best.

High-Quality Machines for Efficient Cleaning

At the Laundry Basket 24 Hour Laundromat, you’ll find a wide selection of high-quality washing machines and dryers. These machines are designed to deliver top-notch cleaning and drying performance, ensuring that your clothes come out fresh and clean every time. With various load capacities available, you can wash and dry anything from small loads to bulky items like comforters and blankets.

Additional Services for Added Convenience

Aside from self-service washers and dryers, the Laundry Basket 24 Hour Laundromat also offers additional services to make your laundry experience even more convenient. If you’re short on time or simply prefer not to do the laundry yourself, you can take advantage of their drop-off service. Simply drop off your dirty clothes, and the friendly staff will take care of the rest. You can then pick up your clean and neatly folded laundry at your convenience.

Expert Tips for Efficient Laundry

Doing laundry may seem like a straightforward task, but there are some tips and tricks that can help you maximize efficiency and get the best results. Here are a few expert tips to keep in mind:

Sort your laundry:

Prioritize sorting your laundry by color and fabric type. This will prevent color bleeding and ensure that delicate items are treated with care.

Choose the right detergent:

Consider using a high-quality detergent that suits your specific needs. For tough stains, pre-treat the affected areas before washing.

Optimize load size:

Avoid overloading the washing machine, as this can lead to poor cleaning results and excessive wear and tear on the machine.

Follow care instructions:

Pay attention to the care labels on your clothes and follow the recommended washing and drying instructions. This will help extend the lifespan of your garments.

Reviews from Satisfied Customers

The Laundry Basket 24 Hour Laundromat has gained a reputation for its exceptional service and customer satisfaction. Here’s what some of their happy customers have to say:

John D.:

“I’ve been coming to this laundromat for years, and I couldn’t be happier with the service. The machines are always clean and in great working condition, and the staff is friendly and helpful.”

Sarah L.:

“As a busy professional, I rely on the Laundry Basket 24 Hour Laundromat to take care of my laundry. The drop-off service is a game-changer, and I love how my clothes come back neatly folded and ready to wear.”


If you’re looking for a reliable and convenient laundry solution, look no further than the Laundry Basket 24 Hour Laundromat. With its convenient location, extended hours, high-quality machines, and additional services, this laundromat is your go-to place for all your laundry needs. Don’t let laundry become a burden – let the Laundry Basket 24 Hour Laundromat make it a breeze for you.