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Is Copper Hair Hard To Maintain?

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The Popularity of Copper Hair

Copper hair has been gaining popularity in recent years as one of the trendiest hair colors. Its warm and vibrant tones add a touch of boldness and uniqueness to any hairstyle. However, many people wonder if maintaining copper hair requires a lot of effort and time. Let’s explore the truth behind this question.

The Initial Process

Before diving into the maintenance aspect, it’s essential to understand the initial process of achieving copper hair. If you have naturally light hair, the transformation to copper might be relatively easier. However, those with darker hair tones might need to undergo a bleaching process to achieve the desired copper shade. This initial step can be time-consuming and might require professional assistance.

Color Fading

Like any other hair color, copper hair will fade over time. However, the rate of fading depends on various factors, including hair care routine, exposure to sunlight, and the quality of products used. To maintain the vibrancy of copper hair, it’s crucial to invest in color-safe shampoos and conditioners specifically formulated for color-treated hair.

Daily Care Routine

The key to maintaining copper hair lies in establishing a proper daily care routine. Start by washing your hair every other day to prevent excessive color fading. When washing, use lukewarm water instead of hot water, as hot water can strip away the color. Avoid over-washing and using harsh styling products that can further damage the hair.

Hydration and Moisture

Copper hair tends to be more prone to dryness and frizz. To combat this, it’s essential to keep the hair hydrated and moisturized. Use a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week to restore moisture and prevent breakage. Additionally, incorporating leave-in conditioners and hair oils into your routine can help maintain the hair’s shine and softness.

Heat Styling and Sun Protection

Excessive heat styling can cause damage to copper hair, leading to color fading and dullness. Minimize the use of heat styling tools and always apply a heat protectant spray before using them. Furthermore, protect your hair from sun exposure by wearing hats or using hair products with built-in UV protection.

Professional Maintenance

While it’s possible to maintain copper hair at home, seeking professional maintenance is highly recommended. Hair salons offer treatments like glossing or glazing to revive the color and enhance its vibrancy. Additionally, regular trims can help eliminate split ends and maintain the overall health of the hair.

Color Touch-Ups

To keep your copper hair looking fresh, regular color touch-ups are necessary. The frequency of touch-ups will depend on how fast your hair grows and how noticeable the roots become. It’s generally recommended to visit a professional stylist every 4-6 weeks for touch-ups. However, if you’re confident in your skills, you can also opt for at-home color kits.

Possible Challenges

While copper hair is undoubtedly stunning, it’s important to consider some potential challenges. For individuals with naturally dark hair, the bleaching process required to achieve copper hair can cause significant damage. Additionally, copper hair tends to fade faster than other hair colors, requiring regular maintenance and touch-ups.


While maintaining copper hair may require some effort and regular maintenance, the results are undoubtedly worth it. With proper care, you can enjoy the vibrant and eye-catching allure of copper hair. Remember to establish a daily care routine, protect your hair from heat and sun damage, and consider professional maintenance for optimal results. Embrace the beauty of copper and rock your new look with confidence!