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Is Beacon Hills A Real Place?

Historic Beacon HillMed The Liberty Hotel
Historic Beacon HillMed The Liberty Hotel from libertyhotel.com


If you are a fan of the hit TV series “Teen Wolf,” you might have wondered if Beacon Hills, the fictional town in the show, is a real place. In this article, we will explore the origins and inspiration behind Beacon Hills and whether it exists in reality.

The Inspiration Behind Beacon Hills

Beacon Hills is a fictional town created by Jeff Davis for the TV series “Teen Wolf.” It serves as the main setting for the show, where supernatural events and creatures come to life. While Beacon Hills itself does not exist, it is inspired by various real-life locations.

Real-Life Locations

Jeff Davis, the creator of “Teen Wolf,” drew inspiration from several places when designing Beacon Hills. One of the primary influences was the town of Canoga Park in Los Angeles, California. Canoga Park’s suburban feel and forested areas served as the basis for the fictional town.

In addition to Canoga Park, other areas in California, such as Long Beach and Santa Clarita, were also sources of inspiration for Beacon Hills. These locations provided the scenic landscapes and small-town vibes that were incorporated into the show.

Real-Life Legends and Myths

While Beacon Hills itself may not be real, it draws upon various legends and myths that exist in different cultures. The show incorporates supernatural elements like werewolves, banshees, and kitsunes, which are part of folklore from around the world.

Legends and myths from different cultures, such as Native American and Japanese folklore, influenced the creation of supernatural creatures in “Teen Wolf.” These elements add depth and intrigue to the show’s storyline but do not indicate the existence of Beacon Hills as a real place.


In summary, Beacon Hills is a fictional town created for the TV series “Teen Wolf.” While it draws inspiration from real-life locations and incorporates elements from various legends and myths, it does not exist in reality. Fans of the show can immerse themselves in the supernatural world of Beacon Hills, but they will not find it on any map.

So, if you were hoping to visit Beacon Hills and explore the supernatural occurrences portrayed in “Teen Wolf,” unfortunately, you’ll have to settle for watching the show and experiencing the town vicariously through the characters.

Remember, sometimes the most magical places exist only in our imaginations!