How To Use A Furnace In Stardew Valley

How to Use a Furnace in Stardew Valley Full Guide 2022
How to Use a Furnace in Stardew Valley Full Guide 2022 from

How to Use a Furnace in Stardew Valley


In Stardew Valley, a popular farming simulation game, players have the opportunity to mine for resources and craft various items. One important tool for crafting is the furnace, which allows players to smelt ores into bars. In this article, we will guide you on how to use a furnace effectively in the game.

Obtaining a Furnace

To obtain a furnace, you need to reach level 4 in the mining skill and then receive a letter from Clint, the local blacksmith. The letter will inform you that the furnace blueprint is now available for purchase at the blacksmith’s shop for 20 copper ores. Once you have the blueprint, you can place the furnace anywhere on your farm.

Gathering Ores

Before you can use the furnace, you need to gather ores. Ores can be found while mining in the mine or by breaking rocks on your farm. The most common ores are copper, iron, and gold. Each ore has different properties and uses, so make sure to collect a variety of ores for crafting different items.

Smelting Ores

Once you have collected the required ores, it’s time to start smelting. Interact with the furnace and choose the ores you want to smelt. You can smelt multiple ores at once, as long as you have enough coal as fuel. Coal can be obtained by breaking rocks in the mine or by recycling items in the Recycling Machine.

Using Fuel

Fuel is essential for the furnace to operate. Coal is the most common and efficient fuel source, but other items like wood and sap can also be used. It’s recommended to use coal as it provides longer burning time. Place the fuel in the furnace along with the ores and wait for the smelting process to begin.

Waiting for Smelting

Once you have added the ores and fuel, the furnace will start smelting. The time it takes to smelt depends on the type of ore and the number of ores being smelted. Keep an eye on the progress bar above the furnace to see when the smelting process is complete.

Collecting Bars

After the smelting process is complete, the furnace will produce bars. You can collect the bars by interacting with the furnace again. The number of bars produced will depend on the type and quantity of ores used. Bars can be used for crafting various tools, equipment, and upgrades.

Upgrading the Furnace

As you progress in the game, you can upgrade your furnace to smelt higher-quality ores. To upgrade the furnace, you need to visit Clint at the blacksmith’s shop and pay a fee. Upgrading your furnace will allow you to smelt ores like iridium, which are more valuable and rare.


The furnace is a crucial tool in Stardew Valley for smelting ores into bars. By following the steps mentioned in this article, you can effectively use the furnace to craft a wide range of items and progress in the game. Don’t forget to gather enough ores and fuel to keep your furnace running smoothly!