How To Summon The Copper Golem

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In the mystical world of fantasy gaming, players are constantly seeking new challenges and powerful allies. One such ally is the legendary Copper Golem. This formidable creature possesses incredible strength and unique abilities that can turn the tide of any battle. In this article, we will guide you step-by-step on how to summon the Copper Golem and harness its power.

Understanding the Copper Golem

Before attempting to summon the Copper Golem, it is essential to understand its nature and characteristics. The Copper Golem is a massive creature made entirely of enchanted copper. It stands at an imposing height of 10 feet and possesses immense strength, capable of crushing enemies with its metallic fists.

Additionally, the Copper Golem has the ability to manipulate and control metal, making it a formidable adversary or a valuable ally. Its unique powers allow it to shape the battlefield to its advantage, creating obstacles for enemies or providing cover for allies.

Step 1: Gathering the Essential Ingredients

The first step in summoning the Copper Golem is to gather the essential ingredients. These include a rare copper ore infused with magical energy, a handful of enchanted iron dust, and a vial of ancient elixir. These ingredients can be obtained through quests, exploration, or purchased from specialized merchants.

Step 2: Constructing the Summoning Circle

Once you have gathered the necessary ingredients, the next step is to construct a summoning circle. Find a secluded and quiet location, preferably in the heart of nature, where the flow of magical energy is strong.

Using the enchanted iron dust, carefully draw a large circle on the ground. Within this circle, inscribe ancient runes with the rare copper ore. Each rune represents a specific aspect of the Copper Golem’s power and must be drawn with precision.

Step 3: Invoking the Incantation

With the summoning circle complete, it is time to invoke the incantation that will call forth the Copper Golem. Stand at the center of the circle, holding the vial of ancient elixir high above your head.

Recite the incantation in a clear and confident voice, focusing your energy on the desired outcome. The incantation should be spoken with respect and reverence, acknowledging the power and ancient origins of the Copper Golem.

Step 4: Offering a Tribute

To further entice the Copper Golem to heed your call, it is customary to offer a tribute. This tribute can be a precious gem, a piece of rare metal, or any object of significant value. Place the tribute at the center of the summoning circle as a symbol of your sincerity and appreciation.

Step 5: Wait Patiently

After completing the incantation and offering the tribute, you must wait patiently for the Copper Golem to appear. This process can take several minutes or even hours, depending on various factors such as the strength of the magical energy in the area and the alignment of the stars.

During this waiting period, it is crucial to remain focused and maintain a positive mindset. Doubt or negativity can disrupt the summoning process and weaken the connection with the Copper Golem.

Step 6: Establishing a Connection

As the Copper Golem materializes within the summoning circle, it is essential to establish a connection with it. Approach the creature respectfully, avoiding sudden movements or aggressive behavior. Extend your hand towards the Copper Golem, allowing it to examine your energy and intentions.

Once the Copper Golem senses your goodwill, it will decide whether to align itself with you or engage in combat. Be patient and demonstrate your trustworthiness. If the Copper Golem accepts you as an ally, it will follow your commands and fight by your side.


The process of summoning the Copper Golem is a complex and intricate endeavor, requiring both knowledge and skill. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can increase your chances of successfully summoning this mighty creature. Remember, respect and patience are key when dealing with such powerful entities. Harness the power of the Copper Golem wisely, and it shall become a formidable asset in your quest for victory.