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How To Get Soothe Bell In Pokemon Unbound

Soothe Bell Location How to Get in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Try
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Pokemon Unbound is a popular fan-made game that offers a unique and exciting experience for Pokemon trainers. In this game, trainers can catch, train, and battle with a wide variety of Pokemon. One item that players often seek is the Soothe Bell, which is useful for Pokemon that evolve through friendship. In this article, we will guide you on how to obtain the Soothe Bell in Pokemon Unbound.

Step 1: Visit Merson City

Your journey to obtain the Soothe Bell begins in Merson City. This vibrant city is known for its bustling Pokemon Center and various shops. Make your way to the city and explore the different areas to find useful items and meet fellow trainers.

Step 2: Enter the Pokemon Daycare

In Merson City, head towards the Pokemon Daycare located on the outskirts of the city. This facility allows trainers to leave their Pokemon for training or breeding. Enter the Pokemon Daycare and interact with the caretaker inside.

Step 3: Complete the Caretaker’s Request

The caretaker will ask for your assistance in finding a missing Pokemon. Accept the request and embark on a short quest to locate the lost Pokemon. Explore various areas and interact with NPCs to gather information and clues about the Pokemon’s whereabouts.

Step 4: Find the Lost Pokemon

Follow the clues and hints to track down the missing Pokemon. Use your skills as a trainer to overcome any obstacles or battles that come your way. Once you find the lost Pokemon, return it to the caretaker in the Pokemon Daycare.

Step 5: Receive the Soothe Bell

As a token of gratitude for finding the missing Pokemon, the caretaker will reward you with the much sought-after Soothe Bell. This item is essential for Pokemon that evolve through friendship as it boosts their happiness, making them evolve faster and more easily.

Step 6: Attach the Soothe Bell

Now that you have the Soothe Bell in your possession, it’s time to put it to use. Go to your bag and find the Soothe Bell item. Select a Pokemon that evolves through friendship and attach the Soothe Bell to it. This will increase its happiness and ensure a smoother evolution process.

Step 7: Train and Bond with Your Pokemon

With the Soothe Bell equipped, focus on training and bonding with your Pokemon. Spend time with them, participate in battles, and complete various activities together. The Soothe Bell will enhance the Pokemon’s happiness, leading to a stronger bond between you and your Pokemon.


Obtaining the Soothe Bell in Pokemon Unbound can greatly benefit trainers who have Pokemon that evolve through friendship. Follow the steps outlined in this article to acquire the Soothe Bell and enjoy a smoother evolution process for your Pokemon. Remember to spend quality time with your Pokemon and nurture your bond to ensure a strong and powerful team.