How To Get Perfume Out Of A Bottle

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How to Get Perfume Out of a Bottle – 2023


Perfume bottles can be beautiful and expensive, so it’s frustrating when you can’t get the last few drops out. However, there are some simple tricks you can try to ensure you get every last bit of your favorite fragrance. In this article, we will guide you through the process of getting perfume out of a bottle effectively.

1. Tilt and Roll Method

One way to get perfume out of a bottle is by using the tilt and roll method. Hold the bottle at a slight angle and gently roll it between your palms. This helps move the perfume around and allows it to flow towards the opening.

2. Use a Dropper

If you have a dropper, it can be a handy tool for getting perfume out of a bottle. Simply insert the dropper into the bottle, squeeze the bulb to create suction, and release it near the opening. The perfume will be drawn into the dropper, and you can transfer it to a smaller container if desired.

3. Warm Water Bath

If the perfume is stuck at the bottom of the bottle, you can try a warm water bath. Fill a bowl with warm water and place the bottle in it for a few minutes. The heat will help loosen the perfume and make it easier to pour out.

4. Use a Funnel

When dealing with a bottle that has a narrow opening, using a funnel can be helpful. Insert the narrow end of the funnel into the bottle’s opening and gently pour the perfume through the wider end. This will ensure minimal spillage and make it easier to transfer the perfume into another container.

5. Store the Bottle Upside Down

A simple trick to prevent wastage is to store the perfume bottle upside down. This allows the perfume to naturally flow towards the opening, making it easier to access when you need it. Just make sure the bottle is tightly sealed to avoid any leaks.

6. Cut Open the Bottle

If all else fails and you are desperate to get the last drops of perfume, you can consider cutting open the bottle. However, this should be your last resort as it can be messy and potentially dangerous. Use a sharp knife or scissors to carefully cut the bottle open, ensuring you don’t hurt yourself in the process.


Getting every last drop of perfume out of a bottle can be a challenge, but with these simple tips, you can make the most of your favorite fragrance. Whether you use the tilt and roll method, a dropper, warm water bath, or a funnel, there are various techniques to suit different bottle designs. Remember to always handle sharp objects with care and prioritize your safety. Enjoy your perfume until the very end!