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How to Reset a Trane Electric Furnace (2023)
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Electric Furnace Reset Button | Tips & Tricks 2023


An electric furnace reset button is an important component in your heating system. It acts as a safety feature that can help you troubleshoot and resolve issues with your furnace. Understanding how the reset button works and when to use it can save you from unnecessary expenses and keep your home warm during the colder months.

What is the Electric Furnace Reset Button?

The electric furnace reset button is a small red or yellow button located on the furnace itself or on the main control panel. It is designed to trip or pop out when there is an electrical overload or a malfunction within the furnace. When this happens, the reset button needs to be manually pressed to reset the furnace and restore normal operation.

When to Use the Reset Button?

If your electric furnace suddenly stops working or fails to produce heat, it could be due to a minor electrical issue. Before calling a professional technician, you can try resetting the furnace by pressing the reset button. However, it is important to note that the reset button should only be used as a temporary solution and not as a permanent fix.

How to Reset an Electric Furnace?

Resetting an electric furnace is a simple process. Follow these steps:

  1. Locate the reset button on your furnace.
  2. Ensure that the furnace is turned off.
  3. Press and hold the reset button for a few seconds.
  4. Release the button.
  5. Turn on the furnace and check if it starts working normally.

Common Reasons for Tripping the Reset Button

The reset button may trip due to various reasons:

  • Electrical overload
  • Dirty air filters
  • Blocked air vents
  • Malfunctioning thermostat
  • Motor or blower issues
  • Ignition problems

When to Seek Professional Help?

If resetting the electric furnace doesn’t solve the problem or if the reset button keeps tripping, it is recommended to seek professional help. A qualified technician can diagnose the underlying issue and provide a proper solution to ensure the safe and efficient operation of your furnace.

Tips for Preventing Reset Button Tripping

To prevent frequent tripping of the reset button, you can:

  • Regularly clean or replace air filters.
  • Keep air vents unobstructed.
  • Maintain proper airflow around the furnace.
  • Ensure the thermostat is functioning correctly.
  • Schedule annual maintenance checks.


The electric furnace reset button is a valuable tool in troubleshooting and resolving minor electrical issues with your furnace. By understanding its purpose and how to reset the furnace, you can potentially save money on unnecessary repairs. Remember to use the reset button as a temporary solution and seek professional assistance if the problem persists.