Drinks To Serve In Copper Mugs

15 Best Drinks to Serve in Copper Mugs & Cups 2020 Updated List (With
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The Charm of Copper Mugs

When it comes to enjoying a refreshing and unique drinking experience, copper mugs have gained immense popularity in recent years. The distinctive appearance and temperature-controlling properties of copper make it an ideal material for serving certain beverages. Whether you’re hosting a party or simply looking for a new way to enjoy your favorite drink, here are some delightful options to serve in copper mugs.

Moscow Mule

The Moscow Mule is perhaps the most iconic drink served in copper mugs. This classic cocktail combines vodka, ginger beer, and lime juice, creating a tangy and refreshing flavor profile. The copper mug not only enhances the visual appeal of this drink but also helps to keep it chilled for longer, making it the perfect choice for hot summer days.

Mint Julep

Traditionally associated with the Kentucky Derby, the Mint Julep is a timeless cocktail that pairs perfectly with a copper mug. This delightful concoction features bourbon, fresh mint leaves, sugar, and crushed ice. The copper mug not only adds an elegant touch to the presentation but also helps to keep the drink cool as you sip on it.

Gin and Tonic

The crisp and refreshing combination of gin and tonic is even more enjoyable when served in a copper mug. The copper helps to retain the chill of the drink, ensuring that every sip is as invigorating as the first. Add a slice of lime or a sprig of fresh herbs to garnish the drink and elevate its presentation.

Hot Chocolate

While most commonly associated with cold beverages, copper mugs can also be used to serve warm drinks like hot chocolate. The insulating properties of copper help to keep the hot chocolate warm for longer, allowing you to savor the rich and indulgent flavors at a leisurely pace. Top it off with whipped cream and a sprinkle of cocoa for a truly decadent treat.

Pina Colada

Transport yourself to a tropical paradise by enjoying a Pina Colada in a copper mug. This creamy and fruity cocktail, made with rum, pineapple juice, coconut cream, and crushed ice, takes on a new level of sophistication when served in a copper vessel. Sip on this refreshing drink and imagine yourself lounging on a sun-soaked beach.

Whiskey Sour

A classic cocktail that never goes out of style, the Whiskey Sour is a perfect match for a copper mug. The combination of whiskey, lemon juice, and simple syrup creates a well-balanced and tangy flavor profile. The copper mug not only adds a touch of elegance but also helps to keep the drink chilled, ensuring a refreshing sip every time.

Cranberry Mule

Put a festive twist on the classic Moscow Mule by substituting the traditional lime juice with cranberry juice. The tartness of the cranberries pairs perfectly with the spiciness of ginger beer, creating a delightful balance of flavors. Serve it in a copper mug to enhance the presentation and keep the drink cool throughout your celebrations.

Cucumber Lemonade

For a refreshing and revitalizing drink, try serving cucumber lemonade in a copper mug. The combination of fresh cucumber slices, lemon juice, sugar, and water creates a thirst-quenching beverage that is perfect for hot summer days. The copper mug adds a touch of elegance to the overall experience, making it even more enjoyable.

Spiced Apple Cider

During the cooler months, there’s nothing quite as comforting as a warm cup of spiced apple cider. Serve this seasonal favorite in a copper mug to enhance the flavors and keep the drink at the perfect temperature. Add a cinnamon stick or a slice of apple as a garnish to elevate the presentation and add an extra hint of warmth to the drink.

Watermelon Margarita

For a refreshing twist on a classic cocktail, try serving a watermelon margarita in a copper mug. Blending fresh watermelon, tequila, lime juice, and ice creates a vibrant and fruity drink that is perfect for summer gatherings. The copper mug not only keeps the drink chilled but also adds a touch of sophistication to your cocktail hour.

These are just a few examples of the wide range of drinks that can be served in copper mugs. The unique properties of copper not only enhance the visual appeal of the beverages but also help to maintain the desired temperature. So, whether you’re hosting a party or simply enjoying a drink by yourself, consider serving it in a copper mug for an elevated and enjoyable experience.