Door Latch Parts Terminology

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Door Latch Parts Terminology


When it comes to understanding door latches, familiarizing yourself with the various parts and their terminology can be helpful. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to repair a faulty latch or a DIY enthusiast interested in learning more about door hardware, this article will provide you with a comprehensive guide to door latch parts terminology.

Latch Bolt

The latch bolt is the main component responsible for securing the door. It extends into the strike plate or keeper, holding the door in a closed position. When the door handle or knob is turned, the latch bolt retracts, allowing the door to open.

Strike Plate

The strike plate is attached to the door frame and has a hole that aligns with the latch bolt. When the door is closed, the latch bolt enters the hole in the strike plate, keeping the door securely shut.


A deadlatch is a type of latch that incorporates a deadbolt mechanism. It provides an extra level of security by preventing the latch bolt from being retracted using a credit card or similar tool.

Latch Faceplate

The latch faceplate is the metal plate that surrounds the latch bolt. It is usually installed on the edge of the door and helps to reinforce the area where the latch bolt engages with the strike plate.


The backset refers to the distance between the edge of the door and the center of the door latch. It is important to measure the backset accurately when installing or replacing a door latch to ensure proper alignment.

Latch Spring

The latch spring is responsible for keeping the latch bolt in the extended or retracted position. It provides the necessary tension to ensure smooth operation of the latch mechanism.

Faceplate Screws

Faceplate screws are used to secure the latch faceplate to the door. They are typically included with the latch hardware and may vary in size and style depending on the specific door latch model.

Latch Assembly

The latch assembly refers to the complete set of components that make up the door latch. This includes the latch bolt, strike plate, latch faceplate, latch spring, and any other associated parts.


Understanding door latch parts terminology can be beneficial when it comes to troubleshooting latch issues or selecting the right latch for your door. By familiarizing yourself with these terms, you’ll be better equipped to communicate with locksmiths or hardware professionals and make informed decisions regarding your door hardware needs.