Bryant Furnace Solid Red Light

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Bryant Furnace Solid Red Light


If you own a Bryant furnace and notice a solid red light on the control board, it usually indicates a problem with the furnace. This article will guide you through some possible causes and solutions for this issue.

Possible Causes

1. Dirty Air Filter: A clogged air filter restricts airflow, causing the furnace to overheat and trigger the red light. Check and replace the air filter regularly.

2. Ignition Failure: If the furnace’s ignition system fails, it won’t be able to light the burner, resulting in a solid red light. Contact a professional technician to inspect and repair the ignition system.

3. Flame Sensor Issue: A malfunctioning flame sensor can’t detect the burner flame, causing the furnace to shut down and display a red light. Clean or replace the flame sensor if necessary.

4. Gas Supply Problem: Insufficient gas supply or a closed gas valve can prevent the furnace from igniting, leading to a solid red light. Make sure the gas supply is turned on and the valve is fully open.


Cleaning the Air Filter

To clean the air filter, turn off the furnace and locate the filter. Remove it and gently vacuum or wash it with mild soap and water. Allow the filter to dry completely before reinstalling it.

Repairing the Ignition System

If the ignition system is faulty, it’s best to seek professional help. A technician will inspect the system, clean or replace the components, and ensure proper functioning.

Cleaning or Replacing the Flame Sensor

To clean the flame sensor, turn off the furnace and locate the sensor. Gently remove it and clean the metal rod with fine sandpaper or steel wool. Reinstall the sensor and test the furnace. If the issue persists, consider replacing the flame sensor.

Checking the Gas Supply

Ensure the gas supply valve is fully open and the furnace is receiving sufficient gas pressure. If the valve is closed, open it. If the pressure is low, contact a professional to inspect and fix the gas supply issue.


A solid red light on your Bryant furnace indicates a problem that needs attention. By checking and addressing potential causes such as a dirty air filter, ignition failure, flame sensor issue, or gas supply problem, you can resolve the issue and ensure your furnace operates efficiently.