Black Copper Moran Chicken: A Majestic Breed

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Black Copper Moran Chicken is a stunning breed known for its beauty and impressive characteristics. Originating from France, this breed has gained popularity worldwide for its striking black feathers and copper neck feathers, making it a favorite among poultry enthusiasts.


The Black Copper Moran Chicken is a medium-sized bird with a well-rounded body and a proud stance. Its glossy black feathers shimmer in the sunlight, while the vibrant copper neck feathers add a touch of elegance. The breed’s dark eyes and black beak further enhance its regal appearance.


Known for its calm and friendly nature, the Black Copper Moran Chicken is a delight to have in any flock. They are docile and enjoy human interaction, making them great pets for families. Despite their majestic appearance, they are not aggressive and can get along well with other chicken breeds.


The Black Copper Moran Chicken is a hardy breed that adapts well to various climates. They can withstand both hot and cold temperatures, making them suitable for different regions. Their strong immune system also helps them resist common poultry diseases, ensuring their longevity.

Egg Production

One of the highlights of the Black Copper Moran Chicken is its impressive egg-laying capabilities. They are known for laying a large number of dark brown eggs, making them a valuable addition to any backyard flock. Their consistent egg production is a testament to their breed’s vitality and productivity.

Feeding and Care

Feeding Black Copper Moran Chickens is relatively easy, as they have a healthy appetite and can thrive on a balanced diet. Providing them with high-quality poultry feed supplemented with fresh fruits, vegetables, and greens will ensure their nutritional needs are met. Regular cleaning of their living area and providing access to fresh water are also essential for their well-being.


The Black Copper Moran Chicken is known for its broody nature. They have a strong maternal instinct and can become dedicated mothers, diligently caring for their chicks. This makes them excellent candidates for natural incubation, as they are attentive and protective parents.

Exhibition and Showmanship

Due to their striking appearance, Black Copper Moran Chickens are often showcased in poultry exhibitions and shows. Their glossy black feathers and bright copper neck feathers make them stand out in the crowd. This breed has won numerous awards and is highly regarded for its beauty and elegance.


The Black Copper Moran Chicken is truly a majestic breed that captivates both poultry enthusiasts and casual observers alike. Its stunning appearance, friendly temperament, and impressive egg production make it a highly sought-after breed. Whether you are a backyard chicken keeper or a poultry show enthusiast, the Black Copper Moran Chicken is undoubtedly a breed that will bring joy and admiration to your flock.