Best Office Door Christmas Decorations

My office door for our holiday door decorating contest at work... must
My office door for our holiday door decorating contest at work… must from

Best Office Door Christmas Decorations


The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to spread some festive cheer than by decorating your office door? Office door decorations not only bring joy and excitement to the workplace but also create a welcoming atmosphere for clients and employees. In this article, we will explore some of the best office door Christmas decorations for the year 2023.

1. Traditional Wreaths

One classic and elegant option for office door decorations is a traditional wreath. Choose a wreath made of pinecones, holly, or evergreens, and add a festive bow or some sparkling ornaments to enhance its beauty. Hang it on your office door using a sturdy hook or ribbon.

2. Festive Ribbons and Bows

Add a touch of holiday spirit to your office door by using festive ribbons and bows. Wrap colorful ribbons around the door frame or create a big bow as the centerpiece. This simple yet eye-catching decoration instantly transforms your office door into a cheerful sight.

3. Snowflake Cutouts

Create a winter wonderland on your office door with snowflake cutouts. Cut out snowflakes from white or silver paper and stick them onto your door. You can also use glitter to add some sparkle. This decoration is easy to make and gives a whimsical touch to your office space.

4. Santa’s Workshop

Bring Santa’s workshop to life by decorating your office door as his magical workshop. Hang a sign that says “Santa’s Workshop” and add props like toy tools, gift-wrapped presents, and a miniature Christmas tree. This creative decoration will surely bring smiles to everyone’s faces.

5. Ugly Sweater Theme

Embrace the festive fun by hosting an ugly sweater theme for your office door decoration. Encourage employees to create their own ugly sweater designs using paper, fabric, and other craft materials. Hang the sweaters on your office door and let everyone vote for the ugliest one.

6. Holiday Characters

Bring beloved holiday characters to your office door by using cutouts or printed images. Whether it’s Santa Claus, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, or Frosty the Snowman, these characters instantly add a touch of holiday magic to your workspace.

7. Gingerbread House

Transform your office door into a delicious gingerbread house. Use brown craft paper to cover the door and add candy cane stripes and gumdrop accents. You can also cut out gingerbread people from colored paper and stick them on the door for an extra festive touch.

8. Twinkling Lights

Add a warm and inviting glow to your office door by using twinkling lights. Wrap fairy lights around the door frame or create a cascading effect by hanging them vertically. The soft twinkling lights create a cozy atmosphere and make your office door stand out.

9. Office Team Photo Collage

Get personal with your office door decoration by creating a team photo collage. Print out photos of your colleagues and arrange them in a creative collage format. Add festive borders or captions to make it more holiday-themed. This decoration not only showcases team spirit but also brings a personal touch to your office door.

10. DIY Advent Calendar

Add an interactive element to your office door decoration with a DIY advent calendar. Create small pockets or envelopes and number them from 1 to 24. Each day, place a small treat or note inside the corresponding pocket. This decoration builds excitement and anticipation as everyone counts down to Christmas.


Decorating your office door for Christmas is a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday season and create a festive environment. Whether you choose traditional wreaths, snowflake cutouts, or a DIY advent calendar, these decorations are sure to bring joy and holiday spirit to your workplace. Get creative, involve your colleagues, and have fun spreading cheer with your office door decorations!