Average Interior Door Width In 2023

Average Interior Door Width Metric Data 12 Standard Door Sizes
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The Importance of Knowing the Average Interior Door Width

When it comes to renovating or building a new home, understanding the standard measurements for various elements is crucial. One such element is the interior door width. Knowing the average interior door width is essential for ensuring that your doors fit seamlessly into your home’s design and layout.

Why Does Interior Door Width Matter?

The width of interior doors plays a significant role in the functionality and aesthetics of your home. If the doors are too narrow, it can be challenging to move furniture or large objects from room to room. On the other hand, if the doors are too wide, they may take up unnecessary space and disrupt the flow of your home.

The Standard Average Interior Door Width

In 2023, the average interior door width remains relatively consistent with previous years. The standard width for most interior doors is 32 inches. This measurement allows for comfortable passage through the door for most people and furniture. However, it’s important to note that door widths can vary depending on the specific requirements of your home and personal preferences.

Factors That Influence Interior Door Width

While the average interior door width is 32 inches, several factors can influence the decision to deviate from this standard measurement. One such factor is the size of the room. In smaller rooms, narrower doors may be preferred to maximize space. In contrast, larger rooms may benefit from wider doors to create a more grand and spacious feel.

Another factor to consider is accessibility. If you have family members with disabilities or mobility issues, wider doorways may be necessary to accommodate wheelchairs or walkers. Additionally, if you frequently move large furniture or appliances, wider doors can make the process much more manageable.

Customizing Door Width to Suit Your Needs

While the average interior door width provides a good starting point, it’s essential to customize the measurements based on your specific needs. Many door manufacturers offer a range of widths to choose from, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your home.

Measuring Door Width

If you’re unsure about the size of your interior door, measuring it is a straightforward process. Start by measuring the width of the door frame from inside edge to inside edge. This measurement will give you the rough opening width, which is the space that the door will occupy when it is installed.

Next, subtract about 2 inches from the rough opening width to allow for the door jamb and hardware. This calculation will give you the recommended door width for your specific door frame. It’s crucial to measure accurately to ensure that your door fits correctly and functions properly.


Understanding the average interior door width in 2023 is vital for anyone involved in home construction or renovation. While the standard width is 32 inches, various factors can influence the decision to customize the door width. By considering the size of the room, accessibility requirements, and personal preferences, you can ensure that your interior doors are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Remember to measure your door accurately to find the perfect fit for your home. With the right door width, you can enhance the overall design and functionality of your living spaces.