Arca Rail For Bolt Action Rifle

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Arca Rail for Bolt Action Rifle


When it comes to precision shooting, having a reliable and stable platform is crucial. One of the key components that can enhance the accuracy and versatility of a bolt action rifle is an Arca rail. In this article, we will explore the benefits and features of using an Arca rail system for your bolt action rifle, along with some tips on selecting the right one for your needs.

What is an Arca Rail?

An Arca rail is a type of mounting system that allows shooters to attach various accessories, such as bipods, tripod mounts, and other support equipment, to their bolt action rifles. It features a dovetail design with a standardized width and groove pattern, enabling quick and secure attachment and detachment of accessories.

Benefits of Using an Arca Rail

1. Enhanced Stability: The Arca rail offers a more stable and rigid platform compared to traditional sling or swivel mounts. This stability translates into improved accuracy and consistency in shot placement.

2. Versatility: With an Arca rail, shooters have the flexibility to attach different accessories depending on their shooting style and needs. This includes bipods, tripods, barricade stops, and even smartphone adapters for long-range shooting applications.

3. Quick Attachment and Adjustment: The dovetail design of the Arca rail allows for rapid attachment and detachment of accessories without the need for additional tools. This is especially beneficial in dynamic shooting scenarios where quick adjustments are required.

Choosing the Right Arca Rail

1. Length: Consider the length of the Arca rail based on the accessories you plan to attach. Longer rails provide more attachment points and flexibility, while shorter ones are more compact and lightweight.

2. Material: Opt for a high-quality material, such as aircraft-grade aluminum or steel, to ensure durability and resistance to recoil forces.

3. Compatibility: Ensure that the Arca rail is compatible with your specific bolt action rifle model. Some manufacturers offer specialized rails designed for specific rifle brands.

Installation and Maintenance

Installing an Arca rail on your bolt action rifle is a straightforward process. It usually involves removing the existing sling swivel mount and attaching the Arca rail to the rifle’s forend using the provided screws or mounting hardware. Regular maintenance involves cleaning the rail and lubricating it to prevent corrosion and ensure smooth attachment and detachment of accessories.


An Arca rail system is a valuable addition to any bolt action rifle, offering enhanced stability, versatility, and quick attachment options for various shooting scenarios. By selecting the right Arca rail and properly maintaining it, you can significantly improve your shooting experience and accuracy. Invest in an Arca rail today and take your precision shooting to the next level.