Apple Classroom Door Ideas For 2023

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Creating an inviting and engaging classroom environment is essential for fostering a positive learning experience. One way to achieve this is by decorating your classroom door with creative and themed ideas. In this article, we will explore some apple-themed classroom door ideas for the year 2023. These ideas are not only visually appealing but also educational, making them perfect for any elementary or preschool classroom.

The Classic Apple

One timeless and simple idea is to showcase a giant apple on your classroom door. Cut out a large red apple shape from construction paper or foam board and add some green leaves at the top. Write a welcoming message such as “Welcome to Our Apple-licious Classroom” or “Take a Bite into Learning” to complete the look. This idea sets the tone for the apple-themed classroom and immediately captures the students’ attention.

Interactive Apple Tree

For a more interactive approach, consider creating an apple tree on your classroom door. Use brown butcher paper or fabric to cover the door and cut out a large tree trunk shape. Then, cut out apple shapes from red and green construction paper. Attach Velcro dots to both the tree trunk and the apples, allowing students to stick the apples onto the tree as a reward for good behavior or completed tasks. This idea promotes student engagement and adds a fun element to the classroom.

Apple Alphabet

Transform your classroom door into a learning resource with an apple alphabet theme. Divide the door into sections and paste large apple cutouts on each section. Write a different letter of the alphabet on each apple, using bold and colorful fonts. This idea not only brightens up the classroom but also helps young learners reinforce their letter recognition skills.

Apple Bookshelf

If you want to emphasize the importance of reading in your classroom, consider creating an apple bookshelf on your door. Cut out apple shapes from construction paper and write the titles of popular children’s books on each apple. Arrange the apples as if they were books on a shelf. This idea not only showcases the variety of books available in your classroom but also encourages students to explore their reading interests.

Apple Science Lab

For a STEM-focused classroom, transform your door into an apple-themed science lab. Cover the door with a backdrop that resembles a laboratory setting. Add apple-themed science equipment cutouts, such as beakers, test tubes, and microscopes. Write science-related messages like “Welcome to Our Apple Science Lab” or “Discover the Secrets of Apples” to spark curiosity and interest in scientific exploration.


Decorating your classroom door with apple-themed ideas not only creates an inviting atmosphere but also adds an educational touch to the learning environment. Whether you choose a classic apple design, an interactive apple tree, an apple alphabet theme, an apple bookshelf, or an apple science lab, these ideas are sure to engage and inspire your students throughout the year 2023. Get creative, have fun, and watch your students’ excitement grow as they enter the apple-themed world of learning!