A90 Supra Titanium Charge Pipe: Enhancing Performance And Style

FTP Motorsport Charge Pipe Toyota Supra A90 3.0T
FTP Motorsport Charge Pipe Toyota Supra A90 3.0T from www.evox-performance.com


The A90 Supra, a sports car that has taken the automotive world by storm, continues to impress enthusiasts with its performance and sleek design. One popular modification that many Supra owners consider is upgrading the charge pipe to a titanium version. In this article, we will explore the benefits of installing a titanium charge pipe on your A90 Supra in 2023 and how it can enhance both performance and style.

What is a Charge Pipe?

Before diving into the advantages of a titanium charge pipe, let’s understand its role in the A90 Supra’s performance. The charge pipe connects the turbocharger to the intercooler, carrying compressed air from the turbocharger to the engine. It plays a crucial role in maintaining consistent boost pressure and ensuring efficient airflow, resulting in improved throttle response and overall performance.

The Benefits of Titanium

Enhanced Performance

One of the primary reasons why many A90 Supra owners opt for a titanium charge pipe is the performance gains it offers. Titanium is known for its excellent heat resistance and durability, allowing for increased airflow without the risk of deformation or cracking. This improved airflow leads to reduced turbo lag, increased horsepower, and torque gains.

Weight Reduction

Another advantage of a titanium charge pipe is its lightweight nature. Compared to the stock charge pipe, which is typically made of aluminum, titanium charge pipes are significantly lighter. This weight reduction helps to improve the vehicle’s overall weight distribution, resulting in better handling and agility.

Engine Bay Aesthetics

Not only does a titanium charge pipe offer performance benefits, but it also enhances the visual appeal of the engine bay. Titanium has a unique and eye-catching appearance, giving your A90 Supra an added touch of style. The sleek and metallic finish of the titanium charge pipe can instantly elevate the aesthetics of your engine compartment, allowing you to showcase your car’s performance modifications.

Installation and Compatibility

Installing a titanium charge pipe on your A90 Supra is a relatively straightforward process and can be done by experienced enthusiasts or professional mechanics. It is essential to choose a charge pipe specifically designed for the A90 Supra to ensure proper fitment and compatibility with the existing components.


In conclusion, upgrading to a titanium charge pipe for your A90 Supra in 2023 provides a range of benefits, including improved performance, weight reduction, and enhanced aesthetics. Whether you are looking to enhance the driving experience or simply want to add some style to your engine bay, a titanium charge pipe is an excellent modification for any Supra enthusiast. Consider investing in a high-quality titanium charge pipe, and experience the difference it can make in your A90 Supra’s performance and appearance.