1 Year Old Bottle Schedule

Every child is different, but it's nice to see a sample eat, play and
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As your baby turns one year old, you may be wondering about their bottle feeding schedule. At this age, your little one is transitioning from being solely dependent on milk to consuming more solid foods. While every child is different, there are some general guidelines you can follow to create a bottle schedule that suits your baby’s needs.

1 Year Old Bottle Schedule Tips

1. Gradually Reduce Bottle Feeds

By the time your baby turns one, they should be consuming a variety of solid foods. It’s important to gradually reduce the number of bottle feeds and increase the intake of solid foods. Start by replacing one bottle feed with a solid meal and gradually add more meals over time.

2. Offer Milk in a Cup

Introduce a sippy cup or a regular cup to your baby at this age. Encourage them to drink their milk from the cup instead of the bottle. This will help them transition away from the bottle and develop their drinking skills.

3. Limit Milk Intake

While milk is still an important part of your baby’s diet, it’s essential to limit the amount of milk they consume to about 16-20 ounces per day. Consuming excessive milk can reduce their appetite for solid foods, which are crucial for their overall nutrition.

4. Offer Milk Before Bedtime

Bedtime is an excellent time to offer your baby a bottle of milk. This can help them feel relaxed and sleepy, promoting a sound night’s sleep. However, make sure to brush their teeth afterward to prevent tooth decay.

5. Provide Water with Meals

In addition to milk, it’s important to provide water with meals. Encourage your baby to drink water from a cup during mealtimes. This will help them stay hydrated and develop healthy drinking habits.

Sample 1 Year Old Bottle Schedule

Here’s a sample bottle schedule you can try for your one-year-old:

7:00 am

Wake up and offer a cup of milk

8:00 am

Breakfast – Offer a variety of solid foods such as cereal, fruits, and yogurt

10:00 am

Snack time – Offer a small snack such as crackers or cut-up fruits

12:00 pm

Lunch – Offer a balanced meal with protein, vegetables, and carbohydrates

2:00 pm

Snack time – Offer a healthy snack such as cheese or sliced vegetables

4:00 pm

Offer a cup of milk

6:00 pm

Dinner – Offer a well-rounded meal with protein, grains, and vegetables

7:30 pm

Bedtime routine – Offer a cup of milk before brushing teeth and putting your baby to bed


Creating a bottle schedule for your one-year-old can help establish healthy eating habits and promote their overall development. Remember that every baby is unique, so feel free to adjust the schedule based on your little one’s needs and preferences. Gradually transitioning from bottle feeds to solid foods and cups will set the stage for a smooth transition into toddlerhood.